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GENUS was founded in 2001 by Germano Cavalli and Gianni Brotto, both veterans since the early 1980th in the area of interior decoration and furnishing. The idea was to create a company which is capable of interpreting and transposing the extraordinary taste of its founders, giving a timeless breeze of life to the exclusive objects which are approachable for everybody, who can reflect their character and identity in the chosen item.

Objects, which existence is going further than simply having a technical function, but become a “messenger of story, culture and style”. In these past years of our activities, passing an uninterrupted evolution of products, in a spasmodic search of different materials, colors and personal stylistic solutions, which are adapting the demands of clients, who have become more sophisticated. Following this philosophy and of the daily working days of “today”, we are not simply offering only our standard creations (you can download our new catalogues on this site or on request in hardcopy form), but we are proposing our clients “an interpretation of feelings” in high quality to materialize a personalized and exclusive arrangement object which reflects his/her story of life, philosophy and feelings.


The name GENUS is represented by a full range of High Quality Products, built strictly observing, but with a special touch of authenticity and innovations, the Values of the Tradition...

The starting point of our work is, as usual, a maniacal and careful selection of raw materials. We only use noble materials with unique and ancient traditions, speaking of history, but also through a skilled manipulation, becoming contemporary.

Each of the pieces presented have a uniqueness given by the skill with which it is made of and of the originality of idea and design. Each detail has its own personal importance and sense, which is made with great care and wise attention.

The exclusive finishes realized with multi colors, natural patina, gold and silver leaves as well as natural leather and precious fabrics significantly contribute to the singularities of the production of “GENUS”, made up of unique objects, each with its own historical and personal touch.


The real creators of “Made in Italy” have been always showing great creativity; they have never bowed to the mass market and have always been surrounded by employees of great taste and of working and production culture.

This applies also to GENUS. We won’t ever run after easy profits or production areas in which it is possible to realize products at significantly lower costs; we will always be faithful to our historical culture, tradition and artistic wisdom, producing our items in a country that always had respect for quality and taste of beauty and this is being appreciated throughout the world.


Since the beginning of humans’ existence, man had always the need to improve and express the atmosphere and surrounding of his daily life. By the objects surrounded, man was always trying to give certain messages and to develop the own personality, always in connection with his story and culture. The elements of decoration in detail are a mirror of our inside, a particular feature which we can also define as a subliminal message to ourselves and our environment. Also today we can read the character, the personality, the history and the culture of a person by the objects he is surrounded of.

In creating GENUS, I have always tried to emphasize myself into the taste and pleasure of everyone; to send messages and to communicate with those around and to question the meaning of life.

I am expressing this with luxurious and elegant objects, which are telling the history but talking about the future, transmitting impressions and feelings. Numerous designs, which are being developed by different formal, functional and emotional dynamics.

Every model has to have its own personal background, depending on its owner and has to narrate through its presence.

A luxurious object, a philosophy of life, is the time in a welcoming and relaxing atmosphere, which is the mirror of our lives.

Any piece, which you are going to choose will be YOUR life and mine.