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The philosophy of GENUS finds it quintessence in realizing personal- as well as arrangement projects. Creating customized furniture is like to dress an elegant suit, with which one can express a certain personality. It is a complex task which requires a close artistic cooperation between company and client to realize perfectly the taste and the style of the final user and to please him with fully satisfaction.
The development of the product is passing following procedures:

  1. VISUAL INSPECTION: if necessary, visual inspections of the location to be arranged will be held to measure and to photograph the situation.
  2. PROGECT/QUOTATION: following to a request, GENUS is providing proposals of the projects with sketches, drawings and render followed by the realization.
  3. CONSTRUCTION: the construction is going to be realized in our internal work shop following the technical-and constructive characteristics as well as the high quality of the Genus standard production.
  4. FITTING / INSPECTION: if necessary and/or following a request, Genus is taking charge for the layout and setting as well as the inspection of the arrangement of the goods.